söndag 2 december 2012

Building a home media center, part 1: testing the CuBox

So I have gathered all the necessary peripherals for testing the CuBox:

  • 1 CuBox and power supply
  • 1 eSATA hard drive, eSATA cable and power supply
  • 1 USB2 hard drive, cable and power supply
  • 1 Deltaco 7 port USB hub
  • 1 micro-USB cable to access the TTY
  • 1 Logitech MX400 mouse
  • 1 Razer Arctosa keyboard
  • 2 short gigabit ethernet cables
  • 1 Dovado 3G-router for testing wired network transfer
  • 1 HDMI-cable
  • 1 Philips LCD-CCFL-TV
  • 1 4-slot power extension cord
  • My main workstation laptop and power supply
Will report back with test results as soon as I have them. It seems like the CuBox video drivers does not want to play nice with my Ezio DVI-monitor, it is reporting a refresh rate of 37,5 Hz, which it cannot handle as soon as I start X. Console is working, though. I will use both LXDE and XBMC for testing, as well as SAMBA. Most of it is already set up and working. Wish the little coputer good luck, people!

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